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Interval Workout of the Day


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Consider scaling down exercises you're struggling with (Pike pushups instead of handstand pushups, knees to chest instead of toes to bar, etc.).
Consider using alternative equipment if you miss any of the required (Push press with sandbag or dumbbells instead of barbell, etc.).

Today's Interval:

Round 1: Goblet SquatVideoKettlebell
Round 2: TTB (Toes to Bar)VideoPull up bar
Round 3: Worm WalkVideo
Round 4: Band Pull ApartVideoResistance Band
Round 5: Goblet SquatVideoKettlebell
Round 6: TTB (Toes to Bar)VideoPull up bar
Round 7: Worm WalkVideo
Round 8: Band Pull ApartVideoResistance Band

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